Team Dinner

Team Dinner

Save-A-Thon is about creating relationships between young women in Africa and the USA. Through these relationships we hope the women will inspire and be there for each other over the course of their lives as they make goals and work to accomplish them. We really aren’t all that different and once we understand that bridges our formed and lives are changed.



All four teams arrived via bus taxis the night before the Cup and we planned a little VIP dinner at our hotel. We hoped to do the dinner around 5:30 or so and had it all arranged by the hotel chef. Will it surprise you to hear that due to traffic in Lagos the players didn’t arrive until nearly 10PM! The food was kept warm for us and it was fun to watch the teams interact and get to know each other. Due to their VERY late arrival we didn’t have nearly as much time as we would have liked but everyone had a great time.



Then we all went back to our rooms to pack and get ready for the big day of the Cup and our flight home.

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