Bridges Cup USA Pre Trip

Bridges Cup USA Pre Trip

For those of you who have been watching our progress you may have been concerned about the silence from us in recent weeks. Well, it’s about to get loud up in here! 😉

As promised to our fans and the people of Nigeria, especially about 30 youth footballers in Osun State, we are moving forward to bring the two Champion teams who, last year, won our first-ever Bridges Cup to the USA this year.


This is the biggest prize we can give them. The chance to visit the USA and interact with other youth as they play soccer matches, visit schools and businesses, and share their life stories. This visit will be transformational for these kids but equally as important for the Americans who support them and get involved with them in big and small ways.

This venture is a huge undertaking but one we will never shy away from. In a world devoid of integrity and full of liars we simply cannot let these kids down. So, we press forward…

The plan is to bring the teams to Utah for the Bridges Cup USA this summer and certainly before the snow falls in November. The exact timing depends on two critical things: 1) arranging visas for each person and 2) raising the roughly $100,000 necessary to fly them all here and put on a memorable 10 days of engaging, entertaining, and educational events and activities.

In order to be sure that we can pull this big event off and to maximize the experience of these Nigerian youth and their American counterparts we are holding a Pre-Trip April 12-22. We will bring over to Utah two captains for each team as well as the owner of the boys team who’s been a very big help in getting us this far-5 people total.

The Pre-Trip will include the following activities related to making important preparations for the entire team to participate in the Bridges Cup USA:

  1. Train with local Utah teams including showcasing their talents and skills to the Real Salt Lake soccer organization;
  2. Visit corporate sponsors to share their life stories and future goals;
  3. Present the Save-A-Thon story to local schools and civic organizations to help increase understanding of the situation in Nigeria and how our effort is helping;
  4. Meet Utah State government leaders to build relations and increase their awareness of Nigeria and the challenges faced by the youth there;
  5. Participate with the Save-A-Thon team in the detailed planning and logistical preparations for the larger trip including their teammates later in 2016.


I am happy to tell you that these 5 faithful and resilient representatives have spent lots of their own money and time already applying for their visas from the US Consulate in Lagos, Nigeria. We have received support from our Utah senior senator, Orrin Hatch, and are now reaching out to local and national corporations who want to participate in and support our unique venture.

Stay tuned for more updates. It’s going to start getting loud as we press forward with activity and progress. If you want to support us in any way: volunteer, provide products, apparel, financial donations, etc. please email us at

This will be amazing and we sure hope to count you as one of the lucky ones who get to play a part in it!

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