Orphanage Visit

Orphanage Visit

After having a great time at the clinic we hustled to the orphanage to visit the kids there. We always had to be aware of the time and sunset because it’s just not safe for a bunch of Americans to be on the streets of Lagos. Thankfully we made it to the orphanage with time to spare so that we could enjoy our time with these precious kids.












Let me be clear: we didn’t adopt these kids and save them from their very tough life in Nigeria BUT we did what we could and that made a difference.

And by showing up in person, not just sending a box of stuff to them, we showed these kids that they matter. I believe these kids will always have a sense for what happened this day. It is so unusual to see white people, especially for the little kids, that it leaves an lasting impression. And to associate that feeling of being cared for, of laughing, of love with these particular white people–so giving, so energetic, and so fun–is huge. THIS is the impact we are making with our humanitarian efforts.

Now, the job is to stay connected with these kids, and thousands more like them, to provide opportunities for them to attain greatness in the future. We will…

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