Soccer Safari-Lagos, Nigeria, West Africa


If you are even a little bit interested in joining us for a life-changing trip to Nigeria in Summer 2017 fill out this super quick form and let’s talk!


The details below will be updated as soon as planning for the re-scheduled trip gets underway (soon!). The information below will give you a very good idea of what this trip will look like.

Planning a major trip to a place like Nigeria with less than seven weeks of preparation is ambitious if not a little crazy. But I’ve been called much worse and I love the challenge of overcoming the challenges of time and money to make something amazing happen for thousands of people going through a dark time in their country. I REALLY hope you’ll join us.

To help get you ready and increase your confidence that we CAN do this here are more details that you will want to know. Pay close attention. (More updates and links coming very soon.)


T-6 Weeks Submit pre-registration and get serious! 🙂

T-5 Weeks $500 non-refundable deposit due. Now you’re serious, right?!

T-4 Weeks Fundraise, fundraise, fundraise! With our help you can absolutely do this!

T-3 Weeks Submit visa paperwork. $2,000 due. Flights purchased. No turning back now!

T-2 Weeks More fundraising, travel vaccinations, and prepare “you” bag to give away in Nigeria.

T-1 Weeks  Visas received back from Nigerian consulate.

Departure Week Final payment of $1,500 due, bags packed and the adventure begins!


Day 1 & 2 Depart USA on United Airlines to Chicago then on to Frankfurt, Germany. Straight shot in to Lagos from Frankfurt on Lufthansa Airlines. 21 hours or flights/layovers. Arrive evening of Day 2 and crash at hotel. (Marriott Hotel affiliate in Lagos.)

Day 3 AM-Sightseeing/Acclimation around Lagos. PM-Community soccer clinic.

Day 4 AM-Orphanage and School visits. PM-Soccer match.

Day 5 AM-Orphanage and School visits. PM-Soccer match.

Day 6 AM-Orphanage and School visits. PM-Soccer match.

Day 7 AM-Soccer Match PM-Sightseeing. Late PM-flight for Frankfurt.

Day 8 Return from Frankfurt to USA final destination.


$4,000 max. Will very likely be somewhat lower due to ongoing negotiations on hotel and airfare but plan on $4,000 and we will happily surprise you at least a little.

Payments: $500 now. $2,000 due 11/1 to buy tickets and get visas. Balance of at most $1,500 due before take off. We will hold your passport hostage until final payment is made. 😉


Nigeria is the real deal. This trip is NOT some fabulous safari in the savanna of East Africa. We will be managing the jungle of Lagos. The 8th most populated metro area in the world barely behind Beijing, China. There are risks and dangers but in my 15 or so trips there I have never been in danger. I was nervous a couple of times but never in danger. I plan to continue that track record.

Here is the latest State Department warning that you should read carefully. Do please note that Lagos is in the furthest Southwest corner of the country-as far away from the violent Northeast you can possibly be while still being in Nigeria.

We will have armed security detail with us at all times and the hotel where we will lodge has state-of-the-art security precautions in place.

Seriously you will LOVE this trip but be warned it will change you forever!

I am sure I have missed some things you want to know and will update this page as we go but if you are dying to know something now email me or call me (1.415.203.3763) anytime and I will answer any questions you have.