Probably the best thing about serving others is the multiplying effect. By helping just one other person you actually touch at least two people: that one person and YOU! And if you help more (and you will) the impact is that much deeper.

Nigeria is in a severe recession and the economic challenges are deep. See our founder’s post on the conditions here. The need for service has never been greater there which makes your involvement in this trip that much more important and urgent.

On our trips to Nigeria we serve the communities in multiple ways, including:

  • Pack a “you” bag full of supplies and goods to leave behind that will benefit the youth in various ways. We save big money on the exorbitant shipping costs from the USA by dedicating one of your two free checked bags for the local kids. The other bag, the “me” bag, is for your stuff during the trip.
  • One-on-one interaction with the kids, who often live in such crowded conditions they can go days without being picked up, read to, hugged, sung to, etc. These are moments neither of you will ever forget.
  • We seek work projects that we can help with to build up the community infrastructure.
  • Provide educational and inspirational talks for the kids and adults we visit.

If any of this sounds like a life-changing experience you are ready for (it should!) then click here to read about our next trip and apply to join us.

See you in Nigeria. Let’s go!