The greatest thing about Save-A-Thon For Africa is that we P-L-A-Y. This means the actual work we do (and it’s a lot!) doesn’t feel like work. It’s the best fun you may ever have. And the double bonus is that you are doing good while feeling good. Hooray!

You will play with the youth in Nigeria through these activities:

  •  Conduct training clinics for the local community kids.
  • Play friendly matches against select local Nigerian teams.
  • Hold impromptu juggling challenges and skill checks.
  • When we visit orphanages and hospitals you can play board games or color with the kids there.
  • And, if you’re lucky, many of these kids will teach you how to really dance! 😉

Of course, our trips are about more than just playing. We also make sure that you have ample chance to serve the youth. See how by clicking here.