Bridges To America Inc., the American nonprofit that operates Save-A-Thon For Africa, uses soccer to achieve its mission of empowering and educating young women.

Save-A-Thon has been operating in Nigeria, Africa’s largest economy and most populated nation for nearly three years. We engage American young women volunteers, primarily soccer players, to raise the funds necessary to spend about a week in Africa working with the youth there playing soccer with them, serving them, creating relationships with them, and delivering humanitarian aid to those who need it most.

The long-term benefits of our mission are:

  • Improve the lives of young women in Nigeria and throughout Africa;
  • Provide soccer-loving youth of Nigeria multiple opportunities to master their soccer skills and get exposure to the international soccer community;
  • Provide young women with a high quality education that enables them to reach their full potential academically and prepare them for careers and business opportunities.

There are two ways we engage the youth in Nigeria: Click to learn how we PLAY with them and how we SERVE them.

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