Let’s go!

We believe that Save-A-Thon For Africa has the power to save lives by changing futures. We believe that because we have actually seen it! And the coolest thing is that the life that is saved may just be yours.

So, let’s go! This program is NOT for the unserious or faint-hearted. The trips we take are hard but SO worth the time, money, blood (not too much!), sweat (lots of that!), and tears (happy and sad) that you invest alongside us as your guides and leaders on this life-changing journey. But, be warned, once you engage with us you will never be the same! (We think that’s a good thing. Pretty sure you will, too!)

Learn more here and then, if it’s right for you, apply here and let’s get talking about how YOU can help us save more lives by changing futures through empowement and education.

What are you waiting for?!