Bridges Cup Trip Report: Launch and Press Conference

Bridges Cup Trip Report: Launch and Press Conference

This trip marked our move to the much larger market of Lagos. I didn’t realize it at the time but Osun was really our “test” market. We made tons of mistakes, spent too much money, I traveled there too much, and relied on the words of others way too much. BUT we learned a lot! The great news is that the results were real (two Osun teams are coming to the USA soon!) and these learnings are will be invaluable toward making this venture viable and to helping thousands and thousands of children in Africa. And with this move to Lagos we literally are starting to get in front of MILLIONS of youth!

Accordingly, we took advantage of our first day in Lagos to announce to the public what we are doing and what Save-A-Thon is all about. In typical African fashion, we started at least an hour later than planned so that we could allow enough time for a few more guests to make it through the ridiculously heavy traffic. Starting late goes against my DNA so it’s always a bit of a struggle for me (and uncomfortable for others around me) to start late but sometimes I have to “go with the flow” in Africa.

But once we started I’d say we had about 50-60 guests consisting of reporters, students and teachers from local schools, as well as coaches from the community. I gave an in-depth overview of the journey of Save-A-Thon and where we are trying to go. We had a few other speakers who added their perspective on the project, an unveiling of the Bridges Cup by Kylie and a local school girl. We also hired a ball juggler literally off the street and paid him in Save-A-Thon apparel who livened things up in between speakers.


Our Q&A session was cut short because the reporters needed to make their evening deadlines (remember that whole start an hour+ late thingy? Well, it has consequences. Dang it!)


Once the event was over it was photo time and that was probably the most fun we had that day. Plus it was great warm-up for the next day at the clinic where we had 400 kids and 100x more photos. That report next…


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