Avert Your Eyes or Act?

Avert Your Eyes or Act?

After my normal 5 hours of sleep this morning I instinctively reached over to grab my phone (aka the other half of my brain) and sat straight up as I saw this article waiting for me in my Twitter feed.

Why the Children of Nigeria’s Borno State Are Missing

I have been thinking hard about things that are occurring in one of my most favorite countries in the world, Nigeria. I haven’t been back in over a year now but am paying attention and, yes, devising a plan to get back and help.

This article, written by the amazing people at Doctors Without Borders, has illuminated the humanitarian disaster unfolding in the Northern part of Nigeria, overrun and terrorized by the thugs and murderers of Boko Haram. People, CHILDREN, are dying because they don’t have food. Food scarcity of this magnitude in the largest economy on the African continent!

According to the article: up to 50% of children under 5 are acutely malnourished. The figure is staggering in its scope and alarming beyond measure. 50%!


I am acting. TODAY. I’ve actually already been working on a plan of action and this article is just the catalyst that I needed to push me from planning to acting. TODAY.

Stay tuned here and to my Twitter feed to watch this plan unfold and become operational. Better yet, go here to show your support and donate. If you aren’t quite ready to step up and act that’s only because you don’t know me well enough yet and my capacity to channel my heart and head into sufficient action to save who we can, where we can. And yes, it will be through soccer.

I promise you this, if you resist the temptation to avert your eyes from this disaster I will show you enough to convince you that your involvement, whatever that looks like, WILL make an impact and make the world a better place.

Time is short, children are dying and we are standing idly by. Here is your chance to help me change that…TODAY.

Let’s go!

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